Islamofascist’s animalistic crime – Europe aught to rebuke Europe’s anti-Israel biased / distorted image

After the animalistic crime by Islamofascist in Toulouse. France – Now is the time to rebuke Euro anti-Israel biased and distorted media

As we learn now about the atrocious murderous crime in Toulouse, France, on March 19 – 'Jewish school massacre,' where -among others- the killer chased little 8 years old Miriam Monsonego, after she already bled to death, he picked her up and shot her again in the head, making sure she dies. All his victims were killed with bullets to the head, shot at such close range that the gunfire burned the skin. He also filmed the attack for self sick-kicks. Mohammed Merah clarified, he is an al-Qaeda / Forsane-Azziza proud jihadist, and seeks to “avenge” so-called ‘Palestinian deaths.’


Now, more than ever is exactly the time to speak out against distortion in MSM especially in European media, where the Israeli victim is being portrayed as the “aggressor.”

You won't find in European media any pointing fingers at Arab-Islamic initiators of attacks upon Israeli civilians, AKA Hamas, Hezbollah, or even “moderate” Fatah’s ‘Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade,’ etc. Nor does the Euro-media ever bother to explain/show how the Arab Muslim “fighters” hold their civilian population hostage, how it shoots from among densely population, or even behind women’s squirts and little kids’ shoulders. Their strategy is clear, to bring about as many as Arabs’ deaths as possible. So, that an “outcry” shall come out raging, hatred for Israel/Jews will rise, and inflamed recruits will knock on its jihadi death-cult doors. Yet, all this wasn’t even once the subject in media.

While Arab hospitals' images are constantly streaming live, Israeli hospitals where Israeli victims of Arab racist attacks are being hospitalized, are virtually nonexistent on the European news screen.

The 4 possible reasons for European anti-Israel bias:

1.) The Euro complex of guilt, after being complicit or even aiding in Nazi Germany's annihilation of 6 Million people for the sole reason of pertaining to Jews (/Hebrews/Israelites). The urge to find flaws among Jews, thus, to somehow justify its past, as sick as it sounds.

2.) The creepy appeasement to its large Arab-Islamic immigrant population. The illusion that if we Europeans will just show more anti-Israelism, we'll see more calm in the Arab boiling street.

3.) Arab-Muslim employees in Euro media.

4.) The “competition” with the US. Still seeing as the “bully.” Thus, Israel, being US’ ally, its name needs to be tarnished. [The basic policy of Hugo Chavez when it comes to the M.E.].

Clarity: The massacre typifies the root – not the "cause" of the conflict.

No, it's not about "land" or about "rights." (Nevermind that Arabs/Muslims, often enjoy more rights than Jews in the democratic Jewish State) It's about hatred. Always was.

From the WSJ: Muslim Judeophobia is not as is commonly claimed a reaction to the Mideast conflict but one of its main “root causes.” It has been fueling Arab rejection of a Jewish state long before Israel’s creation.

I remember vividly, how the Obsession movie exposing Radical Islam's war against the West was banned at the time in France. Yet, hitting on the cause of the "conflict" is so vital.
Just as PalWatch and MEMRI expose constantly the mainstream venemous demonization of Israelis, if not of all Jews, by Imams, official TV, and in children camps. Worth mentioning what the education minister said in 1968: "The hatred which we indoctrinate into the minds of our children is sacred."
This racial (Arab racism) and religious (Islamofascism) hatred as the 'cause' of the conflict needs to be talked about. The very root of the crimes on the Jewish people since the early 1920s’, which began by the infamous Mufti al-Husseini of ‘Palestine,’ who, in WW2, as he aided Hitler, called to kill all Jews as it pleases Allah. Already in 1918 he said the most important uttered statement about the Arabs Vs Israel conflict: "Nothing but the sword will decide the future of this country." He was also believed (even by the British) already in 1938 to be the lonely one who founded the anti-Jewish war, as he was called then the 'Hitler of the Near East.' Or later on the 'Fuhrer of the Arab world.'

Targeting civilians Vs aiming at murderers

In order to repair some of the damage. It is imperative to elaborate for example IDF’s unparalleled record of sparing civilians in counter-terrorism operations. The recent vile comparison by Ashton epitomizes a sick problem much deeper, a widely held European adopted complete skewed image about Israeli's defense Vs Arab-Islamic attacks. Of blurring images between targeting butchers and Arab-Islamic aiming at the unarmed, preferably;y kids. Such as the barrage of Qassam aimed at school children in Israel. Going after little kids in their beds or in a home yard, or a school yard, is a "normal" Arab-Islamic routine. Such as Shalhevet Pass, Danielle Shefi, the Fogel Family, etc.

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