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Remembering the ‘Jihad flotilla’ by “moderate” Turkey

Remembering ‘Jihad Flotilla’ by “moderate” Turkey May 30, 2010: Jihad “Flotilla” As Israel put a blockade on Islamic Hamas’ controlled Gaza to stop attacks and flow of arms (after years of being hit with rockets & other terror attacks from that government directed at Israeli civilians, schools), the Islamic anti-Israel, anti-Jewish Jihadism machine added a new tool to its toolbox, a new phony face, posing as “humanitarians” and as “peace activists” as if they come to “help” the “poor” Arab Palestinians.  [The terror militant Hamas group was elected by most Palestinian Arabs in Gaza].  [In April 2011: Red Cross declared: 'No humanitarian crisis in Gaza.'*] The “activists” essential goal is helping Hamas’ terror infrastructure kill Israelis, plus making sure Israel’s image gets hurt by forcing Israeli humane’s army to shoot, when confronted by Islamists attacking them.  One of such missions was ‘The Flotilla,’ the “aid” ship was organized by IHH a radical Islamic terror group (tied –among other things– to a terror attack in Los Angeles*) “activists” [global Jihadists were among many of the passengers*, especially the lynchers among them.*] declared prior to that, that they are willing to die as “martyrs.” They defied Israelis’ orders entering its waters telling the Isrelis to “Go back to Auchwitz”* and to “remember 911.” ahead of confronting Israelis’ checking operation, they were all into an ISLAMIC fascist mode calling “kill the Jews for allah,”* armed with knives, metal rods, metal chains,* they even shot with live ammunition the Israeli security guys which came to check the boat for (a tactic Hamas usually uses) arms smuggling, the Flotilla mission was successful, Israelis killed the 9 attackers and an “outcry” (mostly) by Muslims around the world against “bad” Israelis came about.  Sure enough, when Israelis released the aid boat, the Palestinian leadership Hamas resfused the aid*… showing again that it is never about “aid.”  In about a week after the incident, Islamic Republic of Iran (who’s president called for Israel to be “wiped off map”*) warned Israel that its ‘Revolutionary Guards’ is sending a “humanitarian” aid ship escorted with its army… In 2011, the UN report exonerated Israel and justified the actions on the Flotilla*as well as the blockade in Gaza as a whole. The report “upsets” Turkey*.                                                                                                                                                                                 With these “peaceful food supplies” the Islamic “activists” attacked Israeli heroic preoccupied security guards who are 24/7 concerned of terrorists coming in to massacre kids.

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Israel’s ‘moral clarity’ letter frustrates Islamic-Fascists and radical leftists so-called “activists”

israel today | Israel News | Anti-Israel fly-in protest is a bust – israel today Sunday, April 15, 2012 | Ryan Jones Israel was on alert Sunday for a planned mass fly-in protest, or “flytilla,” by foreign anti-Israel activists protesting … Continue reading

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Hamas leader admits “Palestinian” identity is invented – Fakestinians

Hamas leader admits ‘Palestinian’ identity is invented Tuesday, April 03, 2012 Ryan Jones US Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich has come under a lot of fire for saying that the “Palestinians” are an invented people. Most have ridiculed Gingrich by … Continue reading

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10th anniversary for Arab Muslim Passover Massacre’ + attempted cyanide attack

March 27, 2002: ‘Passover massacre’ at a Israeli hotel in Netanya, kills 30, injures 140. The victims, mainly elderly, included Holocaust survivers,[*] were sitting at the traditional Seder dinner. It was carried out by Hamas’ male terrorist wearing a woman’s … Continue reading

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Fire Eurabia’s pro Islamism anti-Christian anti-Jewish Baroness Ashton now!

Fire Eurabia’s pro Islamism anti-Christian anti-Jewish Baroness Ashton now! – Apologetic for murdering innocent Jewish kids because thy are Jewish, comparing it with humane Israel’s careful response to minimize Arab casualities when these bloodthirsty Arab-Muslims fire behind their kids’ shoulders … Continue reading

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